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Mirabilis is the neo-classical/ethereal project of Dru Allen (This Ascension, Mercury's Antennae) and Summer Bowman (the Machine in the Garden). Since 2000, the two women have combined their beautiful voices to create vocally centered original compositions and reinterpret pieces ranging from mediaeval to pop music. The music is melodic and rich and borrows from classical, ethereal, darkwave, and gothic genres.

The word "mirabilis" is Latin for wonderful, miraculous, or unusual. The duo see their musical union as an amazing and unique experience and the name embodies those sentiments. Dru and Summer are the core members of Mirabilis, but they use the project as an avenue to bring in other like-minded artists such as Regeana Morris (The Changelings) and Monica Richards as guest performers to create something that is extraordinary.

In 2001 Mirabilis made its debut on Projekt Records' holiday compilation, Excelsis 3 - A Prelude with their rendition of the Spanish carol, "Riu Riu Chiu." In December of 2003, the band's first release, a limited edition 7-inch self-titled EP was pressed by Fossil Dungeon. This was quickly followed up by the full-length debut CD Pleiades in 2004 on the Middle Pillar Presents label.

In 2008, Mirabilis returned with their second full-length album, Sub Rosa. Released in partnership between Middle Pillar Presents and Projekt Records, Sub Rosa had a unique intensity, showcasing a broader range of instruments and themes while classical and ethereal vocals continued to shine as the dominant instrumentation.

The duo's fall 2014 release Here and the Hereafter (Projekt Records) continues to explore different periods and styles of vocal music, but also takes their songwriting and musicianship to even greater heights. Here and the Hereafter transcends genre, ranging from cinematic, orchestral pieces, to traditional folk and chant to spoken word. The signature heavenly voices of Dru and Summer are accompanied by lush electronics and instruments including harpsichord, hammered dulcimer and recorder, transporting the listener on a sweeping, emotional journey that spans ages and cultures, reality and dream.

Summer Bowman is half of acclaimed gothic/darkwave duo the Machine in the Garden. She has performed roles as singer, songwriter, and programmer, as well as instrumentalist playing hammered dulcimer, flute, recorder, keyboards and hand percussion. She is also active in the recording studio engineering, mixing and producing.

Dru Allen is a cofounder of This Ascension, a long-standing ethereal rock group that blends tribal elements and a number of vocal styles. Most recently Dru formed the electro-shoegaze project Mercury's Antennae with musician Erick R. Scheid, which released its debut CD on Projekt, A Waking Ghost Inside, in spring 2014.

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