Mirabilis Releases

Here and the Hereafter

Here and the Hereafter

Full-length CD
Released September 30, 2014 on Projekt

Sub Rosa

Sub Rosa

Full-length CD
Released December 2007 on Projekt and Middle Pillar Presents.



Full-length debut CD
Released January 2004 on Middle Pillar Presents.
Reissued December 2007 on Projekt and Middle Pillar Presents.

Mirabilis 7-inch


7 inch EP
Released December 2003 on Fossil Dungeon.

Mirabilis releases can be purchased though Projekt, Amazon.com, the Machine in the Garden, and other retail shops.


Compilation/Guest Vocal Appearances


Ornamental (Projekt Holiday Collection)

(2012) Mirabilis track: Wexford Carol

Reason Why

Sleepthief - Reason Why

(2010) Mirabilis performs guest vocals on Asunder lyrics

Projekt 2008 Sampler

The Projekt 2008 Sampler

(2008) Mirabilis track: Aubade

Summoning Of The Muse

Summoning Of The Muse - A Tribute To Dead Can Dance

(2005) Mirabilis track: The Writing On My Father's Hand

Eclectica Volume Two

Eclectica Volume Two

(2003) Mirabilis track: In The Dark (Remix)

Excelsis 3

Excelsis 3 - A Prelude

Excelsis (Box Set)

(2001) Mirabilis track: Riu Riu Chiu

Excelsis 3

Cantus - A Tribute To Faith And The Muse

(2000) Mirabilis track: Iago's Demise